Reading Tutoring

Windy Row Learning Center is the only nonprofit in the Monadnock Region that specializes in tutoring children in reading.

Windy Row Learning Center offers a school year program for after-school tutoring in reading and math. This program is designed to help children reach grade level in reading and math.
Windy Row Learning Center offers a school year program for tutoring in reading.

Founded in 2003 and located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, we help children reach grade level in reading.

During the school year, your child will come to Windy Row Learning Center two times a week for one hour of personal tutoring.

Each lesson consists of eleven areas of instruction, customized to build on the strengths of your child. Progress is measured twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, through nationally-accepted standardized tests.

Many of our students routinely make two to three years of progress in their skills over the course of a single academic year. This is the power that our program can bring to the children most at risk of failure in school. We give them the tools, attention and support they need to learn to read and/or understand math.

Windy Row provides 50 one-on-one tutoring sessions during the school year (twice a week for 25 weeks).


  • One-on-one tutoring begins for children. Individual tutoring sessions are held Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Windy Row closes for all school holidays in the Conval school district.

Late May                           

  • Closing of academic year