Windy Row Needs Qualified Instructors

Each year, Windy Row trains as many as eight tutors in the Orton-Gillingham instructional method.

Windy Row trains tutors in the Orton-Gillingham instructional method and other methods for teaching children with learning challenges.

There is no charge to the tutors for this training. Our training program ensures qualified instructors for our center and also helps to spread this effective instructional approach more widely.

Windy Row Learning Center will train you to teach dyslexic children to read. The techniques you learn will also apply to the classroom, allowing you to help any child who struggles with a reading disability. Your training may qualify you for six credits from Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire.

In our training program, you will gain a better understanding of how children learn to read and how they are affected by reading disabilities (including the three subtypes of dyslexia). You will learn about the Orton Gillingham method and will create your own lessons plans using the method. You will then work as a tutor under a qualified Orton-Gillingham professional.

According to the New Hampshire branch of the International Dyslexia Association, approximately 20% of the general population has some degree of reading disability.

Most types of reading disabilities respond well to the multi-sensory phonics-based Orton-Gillingham method. Each Orton-Gillingham lesson is composed of eleven areas of instruction, customized to build on the strengths of the individual child. Children receive instruction twice a week for one hour each session. Their progress is measured twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, through nationally-accepted standardized tests, including the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test, the Test of Written Spelling, and the Yopp Singer Phoneme Segmentation Test.

If you would like to apply to Windy Row for tutor training:

  • You must be willing to attend 55 hours of seminars from September to May (one Saturday per month).
  • You must be willing to complete a 100 hour practicum, tutoring with two children twice a week (a total of 4 hours per week for 25 weeks, October – May).